Scout Have-A-Go Experience!

Wolverhampton Scouts have teamed up with Sykes Holiday Cottages and the Patshull Park Estate to provide you with the opportunity of taking part in an exclusive Scout Have-A-Go Experience during your stay on the estate!

Exclusively for customers of Sykes Holiday Cottages staying on the Patshull Park Estate

You can choose any TWO of the following instructor-led activites:


Crate Stacking

Gladiator Challenge

Tomahawk Axe Throwing

Plus you will get ONE hour to use our night line self-led activity.

For a donation of:

£ 141 .75

for up to 10 people

Frequently asked questions:

Is there an minimum age limit? The four activities are suitable for children aged 6 years and over.

Is there an maximum age limit? You know your limits better than we do, all we ask is that participants are fit and healthy and make us aware of any medical conditions that may prevent them from taking part.

How long does the experience last? The Scout Have-A-Go Experience will last approximately 3 hours.

How much does it cost for just 6 people? The donation is the same for up to 10 people, as one or more of our volunteers will still be giving up the same amount of time regardless to how many people are taking part. We are completely volunteer-led so 100% of the funds generated go straight back into our charity.

Wolverhampton Scouts are a registered charity who run Patshull Activity Centre.

We are a youth-based charity, predominately working with a range of voluntary youth organisations.

We are based in the heart of the Patshull Park Estate in close proximity to Lakeside and Woodland Lodges.

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