Legacy Giving

Once you’ve made the necessary provisions for your family and friends have you thought about leaving a donation to charity? Investing in the young people of the future could be the greatest gift you ever give.

Whether you are making a Will for the first time, or updating an existing one, it’s simple to include a donation to Patshull Activity Centre, and ensure that you will be remembered for years to come through the work we do with young people.

Legacies are generally free from Inheritance Tax and could therefore reduce the liability for your loved ones as well as helping Patshull Activity Centre.

You should contact a reputable solicitor or professional will writer. These can be found through the Law Society’s website or the Institute of Professional Will writers.

There are different kinds of legacies you may like to consider:

  • Residuary Gift… this is a percentage of your remaining estate once all the expenses, liabilities and other specific gifts have been paid. This gift is the most beneficial as it keeps its value better than a set amount.
  • Pecuniary Gift… this is a specific amount of money.
  • Specific Gift… this gift is a specific item for example, jewellery or antiques.

You only need to say that you are leaving a gift to Wolverhampton Scouts (trading as Patshull Activity Centre) and include our registered charity number 518018. We are also happy to provide you and your solicitor with a letter on our work and legacy options.

Many solicitors will give you free advice on wills and legacy giving.

For more information please contact the fundraising team on: [email protected].

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