The first recorded use of Patshull was in 1912 when it hosted the South Staffordshire combined camp. There are also records that it held various District camps and also the Midland Counties Rover moot in the 1936. The present Scout site came into use in 1946 and besides this, there used to be a Sea Scout site and a Guide site. These were located near to where the hotel is, but closed when the Crown agents redistributed the lease of the land. Patshull became part of the Crown estate from 1958 when the Earl of Dartmouth died and the family were unable to pay the death duties. A fire in 1979 badly damaged the Golf house and an appeal was launched to re fit it out. In 1980, a consortium negotiated with the Crown to take over the lease of the land including where the present campsite was located for the use of shooting. The consortium was headed by Mr Trebble and consisted of members of the Dartmouth family and the Hotel. The Dartmouth family were keen for the links to be maintained with the Scouts, but wanted to return the Golf house and surrounding area to how it was at the turn of the 19th / 20th century, which was a trout farm and hatchery. As part of the agreement, the scout site was to be moved to a site near to the Hall known as Pickens Goss. The consortium went bankrupt in 1981, and so the relocation never occurred. As a result of this bankruptcy, the lease on the Sea Scout site, which was more or less used exclusively by 35th and 37th Wolverhampton’s, 2nd Bushbury, and a Birmingham Group was terminated.

In 1985, an emergency meeting was held to discuss the future of Patshull campsite due to its loss-making situation. It was pointed out by the County Commissioner, Eddie Gribble, that Beaudesert had been turned round into a profit-making situation and there was no reason why Patshull couldn’t be either. After some discussion it was agreed that the Districts would continue to support it.

In the early 1990’s, the barn was converted to contain a warden’s den and indoor general room. At the end of the 1990’s, interest in Patshull seemed to be growing, especially by Groups outside of the Borough, thus ensuring its continuing existence.

The turn of the century has seen the site developing further with facilities being modernised, a wider range of activities being made available and a close link being made with the Wolverhampton Scout Shop; thus enabling the site shop to offer a wide range of goods.